why Dazed and Fused?

I discovered my artistic side later in life. At the age of 45, during treatment for breast cancer and while off work for 9 months from my job as a computer programmer, I signed up for an introduction to glass fusing class and was immediately hooked. I always loved glass, and thought maybe some day I could blow glass. However, after my mastectomy I realized that I wouldn’t have the upper body strength to be a glass blower, and discovered the “warm glass” medium. I was still going through radiation treatment when I took my first series of fusing classes. I had finished chemo a few months earlier, and was feeling the affects of “chemo brain” and also fatigue from radiation treatment. I really had no business being around sharp objects or hot things. :) But my instructor Barbara Kee from Glass Hearts Studio (now Glass Hearts / Artitude Studio) in Rocklin was very patient. It was during a class project of cutting little squares for a kiln test and then making a pendant that I felt hope of getting through “chemo brain”. Art therapy if you will. My first pendant, although elementary by current standards, is my favorite and my good luck charm.

Dazed can be a pretty accurate description of what “chemo brain” feels like sometimes. Fusing glass helped overcome chemo brain. :) A little over a year after finishing treatment I set up a glass studio in my garage and started fusing on my own.

Glass Saves Me - Petra B.