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Books on Glass

Some of my favorite Glass Books ~ Petra B.

Contemporary Glass Enameling: Fusing with Powders, Paints, and Frit
by Kay Bain Weiner

Contemporary Warm Glass: A Guide to Fusing, Slumping & Kiln-Forming Techniques
by Brad Walker

Fuse It: A Continuing Journey in Kiln Worked Glass
by Petra Kaiser

Innovative Adornments: An Introduction to Fused Glass and Wire Jewelry
by Jayne Persico

Introduction to Glass Fusing
by Petra Kaiser

Kiln Formed Bracelets: Jayne Persico Presents…
by Jayne Persico

Warm Glass: A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming Techniques: Fusing, Slumping, Casting
by Philippa Beveridge, Ignasi Domenech and Eva Pacual